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beautiful happy birthday images Birthday is the day we stepped into the world. Perhaps this is the reason why people celebrate this day with great fanfare. beautiful happy birthday images  All the children, old and old, leave no stone unturned to make this special day memorable. Now when it comes to the birthday, cake and candles first come to mind. This birthday celebration is started by extinguishing the candles on the cake, but have you ever wondered why candles are put on the cake or the candles are extinguished. Is it custom to put candles on a birthday cake? beautiful happy birthday images 

 Who started this tradition when and where. Today we are going to answer all these questions in your video, but before that, let us also tell you that it is not at all the custom to put candles on the cake and extinguish them. The tradition of extinguishing the candle. Yes, just like other traditions abroad, the bus that came to India remained as it is. The fact is that extinguishing candles on a birthday is considered inauspicious in Indian culture. This is wrong according to classical beliefs. happy birthday images

 If we look at the historical facts, it is known that the custom of putting candles on birthday cakes and extinguishing them came from ancient Greece. At that time, people used to go to the Greek God with a candle burning on the cake. People used to make signs of the Greek God from those candles. Although there are many stories about birthday cakes and candles. The tradition is hundreds of years old. In many cultures, it was believed that after extinguishing the candle, its smoke passes the prayers of the people to God. This tradition has been going on from generation to generation, so people ask for a wish before the birthday cake is closed so that after they reach God through the smoke and their desire is fulfilled.

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beautiful happy birthday images download

 Different recognition of the people of Germany. At the same time some people also believe that the custom of extinguishing the candle on the birthday started from 17 Socialist 40 among the German people because in the same year, on the birthday of German religious and social reformer Nicholas Designer, people celebrated by putting candles on the cake. That year, his birthday was celebrated as a festival. Since then, this practice slowly spread throughout the world. According to another German belief, people of Germany used to celebrate birthdays with Kendra during Kinnar Fest.

 In the 1700s, Kinder Fest was a birthday celebration for children. At that time candles were placed in the middle of the cake, which symbolized the light of life. Indian tradition is very different. Talking about Indian culture, it teaches us to celebrate birthdays in a completely different way. According to the experts of Indian traditions, if we talk about Indian culture, then it is taught to celebrate the birthday in a completely different way. Experts of Indian traditions believe that in Hinduism, Deepak has been considered as the form of his god.

 Negative energy and evil powers are kept away from the presence of Agni Dev. The soul is illuminated and there is an increase in sattvic qualities which is also mentioned in the Upanishads. Light is an indicator of innovation. Many people believe that by extinguishing a lamp or candle on the occasion of the birthday, we lead the time towards negativity. Therefore, many believe that instead of extinguishing the candles on the birthday, one should light a lamp in front of God. Because in India called Hindu country, burning candles is auspicious, but it is considered inauspicious to burn them and burn them on their own.

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 If the lamp of worship also goes on for some reason, then it is also inauspicious because it is the lamp of prayer of the people. Because its refrain becomes a barrier between their desire and its completion. It is also given more importance than candles to diyas, in which mustard oil is put and used for worship or on special occasions. So we told you that all cultures have their own beliefs to extinguish candles on cakes. However, it is very clear to you that the custom of extinguishing the candle has come to India from western countries itself.

 Friends, people have their own beliefs about everything, but it is important that with what faith and faith do you celebrate it.