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Hello friends, happy Christmas images download today you will talk about Christmas. Christmas is such a festival which most people of the world celebrate with full fervor. happy Christmas images download

People who believe or not believe in Christianity, everyone is familiar with the exchange of Happy Christmas Mary Christmas. This festival is also celebrated with great fervor in India. With the diverse culture of India, the Christmas festival has also got mixed. According to the Bible, God had predicted through his devout journey hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus that a prince would be born in this world and would be named Emmanuel which means God is with us here. Hui and Jesus Christ were born. happy Christmas images download

 For centuries, this festival has been giving happiness to people and setting the example of love and harmony. This festival is a reflection of our social environment, which has been strengthening the brotherhood between different classes. Christmas cards are human liberation and equality. Christmas or the big day is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Christ or Jesus. It falls on 25 December and is a holiday on this day all over the world.

Let us tell you when and how Christ Jesus was born. Thousands of years ago, a girl named Maryam, who lived in Nashik, also known as Mother Mary, saw heaven named Gabriel and said that if you are pregnant with the Holy Spirit, then you will give birth to the son of God and To name him Jesus. Maryam was Joseph's fiancee at that time. On hearing this news, Joseph made up his mind to leave the idea of ​​marriage to Mary for fear of slander, but knowing his thoughts, the heavenly angel told Joseph that Mary was pregnant with the Holy Spirit and do not be afraid to bring her to heaven. Admitting the lie, Joseph married Mary and brought her home.

 Gabriel tells Mary that she will give birth to the son of God. The child's name will be Jesus and he will be a king whose empire will never end. The angel had also told the newborn to take adequate care of Mary and perform Satyagraha. At that time neither was part of the Roman Empire. It was only during Mary's pregnancy that the time of the census of the Rome Empire came, because of the rules Joseph also had to come to Bethlehem city of Jerusalem to enroll his wife Mary. Unable to find a place in all the cities and inns, she had to take shelter in a cowshed. Later, Mary gave birth to a child and wrapped the child in a cloth and laid it in a manger made of grass and named it Jesus.

 On the other hand, the angels also told many disturbances that Jesus was born as the Savior so that the squirrels knew that Jesus was born near and visited them and bowed down to them.

On receiving information about the birth of Jesus, three astrologers of the country also reached Jerusalem and told them the address of Jesus Christ in a star and they also fell at the feet of the Lord and offered gold and frankincense at the feet of Jesus Christ. This is the reason why we see manger sheep cow shepherd etc. in Christmas tableaux. The star is also very important on Christmas because this star had reported the arrival of God's son Jesus Christ on earth. All of them were children, their eccentricity could be seen from then itself.

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 While 12 years old, he is found in Jerusalem for three days, sitting among the preachers in the temple, listening to them and questioning them, whoever listened to them was amazed by their arguments. Later it returned to its village with its parents. Mary's husband Joseph was very old. Later on, Jesus learned his father's profession and continued to work as a carpenter, living in the same village till the age of about 30 years. At the age of 30, the Holy Spirit entered them and after 40 days of fasting, Jesus Christ started teaching people.

 At the age of 30, Jesus began to propagate a new form of Judaism to the Israeli public. He said that God is the only one who is a true love form and God did not want animal sacrifice and rituals. God loves not only the Jews but all humans and has the same love. A man should never take revenge in anger and learn to forgive. He clearly stated that on the day of doom, the decision of heaven or hell will be made and the human soul will get its favorable place.

happy merry Christmas images free download
happy merry Christmas images free download

 He decorated a crown of thorns on his head and after spitting on them, carrying his cross on the back, Romeo led him to the Ganges where he was to be hanged on the cross. On reaching Gangta, he was offered a mixture of alcohol and bile. In that era, this mixture was given to reduce the extremely painful agony of capital punishment. But Jesus refused to drink it. This incident was very painful. Christians believe that while dying on the cross, Jesus was taken from the sins of all humans, and so whoever believes in it will get heaven.

Jesus also performed many miracles during his lifetime. The fundamentalist religious leaders of the Jews strongly opposed Jesus. He did not think anything special like Jesus Christ. He loved his rituals. It was a heavy sin for Jesus to call himself the son of God, so he complained to the then Roman governor Qila that the Romans always feared the Jewish revolution, so to appease the hardliners, the yellow slave hung Jesus on the cross having been sentenced to a painful death. According to the Bible, Roman soldiers killed Jesus with a whip. happy merry Christmas images free download

happy merry Christmas images free download

 After three days of a death, Jesus Christ was resurrected and after 40 days he went straight to heaven. The 12 disciples of Christ spread his new religion everywhere and this religion is called Christianity or Christianity. The first news of the birth of the child Jesus was received by the poorest people of the world. He was a hard-working candidate. When he got the news on a cold night, he was guarding his sheep sleeping unaware of the dangers under the open sky. A star shone and the squad of angels got the news of how the child was born below you.

 You will be king While the poor of the whole world was happy to hear this, the king who oppressed the poor got angry. He had issued an order to cover all the children up to the age of two in his kingdom so that his power would not face any threat from any such king in the future. Those who do evil for good are similarly sad and angry. This is the symbol of Satanism and it was Christ who came to end this Satanism. Jesus did not choose the home of a rich person to be born as a human.

 He was born on the grass of the poor man's house. Actually, they did not come to save the poor innocent spear and the oppressed, so they chose their place among such people from birth and this was a big message. At the age of 30, Jesus raised his voice against the social order. He ordered the public not to greed to help the afflicted and helpless, not to be greedily living lovingly, to fulfill the need of the needy to be duty-bound towards God and the state.

 Today the divine messages of Jesus Christ have much relevance because even though social evils have changed their form, they are still present in society. And the poor helpless oppressed and Dalits have to fall prey to them. Jesus taught the equality lesson to society. He repeatedly said that he is the son of God and even though there are many evils like cruelty and equality in this world, all are equal in God's house. He devoted his entire life to human welfare. This was the reason that he was given the death penalty on the cross.

 There is a case when Jesus asked an untouchable woman to drink water, then the woman said why do you become a Jew and ask for water. In fact, the Jewish people did not treat any kind of equality with the untouchables and considered them inferior but Jesus Christ obeyed his command. Jesus always gave the message of love. He was also hanged to death on the cross. But all those who work in the interest of others are afraid of capital punishment. The Christmas festival is special for many things such as the Christmas Tree Star Cape Plain.

 And yes many people believe that Santa Claus gives gifts to children on Christmas day. The phase of remembrance of Santa Claus began in the fourth century and was Saint Nicholas, an old plump mythological character wearing a Santa Claus red and white dress from the bishop of the city of Meera, Turkistan, who rides the reindeer, especially children. Plays an important role for and distributes gifts inside children at midnight. Christmas is a festival of hopes and joys. The life of Jesus Christ and his teachings are relevant even today because of rich poverty and casteism.

 And social anomalies exist in society. If we can bring a little smile on the face of a needy, then the list will give you the real joy of Christmas. Friends, there have been some strange type of change in the society for some time. Some people try to find some evils and some negative things in their lives instead of bringing the good aspects of the lives of great men to great people and they get a big name. But it is wrong that we should always follow the good path laid down by our great men and great men.

happy Christmas day image download
happy Christmas day image download

I hope you will like the information related to Christmas.

Christmas festival celebrated with great pomp. Friends came a little 23 years old, while the Lord Jesus did the cruelest tortures, and in return we were prayed to God even while being hung on a lot of lovely crucifixes, forgiving God of those who persecuted him If you bow down to such a great soul, friends, be happy Christmas. We have Christmas Mary Christmas.

Good things told by him should be absorbed in his life because negativity will only create negativity in you. Therefore, make your thoughts positive and bring the message of love conveyed by Jesus Christ into your life. God is another name for love. To honor every creation made by God, to respect it, then friends.