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happy Diwali images wallpaper Diwali is the favorite festival of. children happy Diwali images wallpaper This gives them a chance to celebrate with firecrackers. Diwali is celebrated on the last day of Ashwin's lunar month, which mostly falls around November. There are many stories associated with Diwali. It is said that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day after killing Ravana Asura. The sacrifice of Bali Chakravarti by Vamana avatar of Vishnu was also done on this day. But the most popular and more interesting story. It is from Narakasura. happy Diwali images wallpapers

Narakasura was born to a Vishnu avatar named Fara and mother of the earth.

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happy Diwali images wallpapers when Narakasura had clearly shown the symptoms of the demon, the mother earth was afraid that in the future God Vishnu would be killed. Then the Earth prayed to Lord Vishnu.

And took the promise that Narakasura should not die at their hands, then Lord Vishnu thought for a while and said, OK, I give you this boon that no one can kill Narakasura except you.

Earth's mother was very happy to hear this because she believed that she could never kill her son with her hands.

Narakasura became very powerful with time. Even Indra was defeated at the hands of Narakasura.

Then everyone went to Lord Vishnu and started praying to protect himself. Lord Vishnu assured him. The end of that Narakasura. Coming soon.

Soon Lord Vishnu should be born as Sri Krishna, the earth mother Satyabhama. Meanwhile, the tyranny of Narakasura increased further. He started harassing the sages and challenged the kings.

On one such occasion, he himself encountered Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna knew that the death of Narakasura was going to happen at the hands of Mother Earth, so when Satyabhama wished to see the fight, he refused.

The battle started between Sri Krishna and Narakasura was fierce.

After a while, Narakasura knocked Sri Krishna unconscious with his arms.

Then Satyabhama herself agreed to a fight with Narakasura. She started fighting with him with great courage and drove her head straight to Narakasura. In the end, Narakasura had to die at the hands of Satyabhama. That day is called Naraka Chaturdashi.

And on the next day, people celebrated the occasion with lamps and firecrackers. The meaning of Diwali is the rows of lamps. Diwali is celebrated not only by Hindus but also by Jains and Sikh people in Bihar for their own reasons.

Vardhman Mahavir, the last Tirthankar of the Jains, was also built on this day. On this day people also worship Lakshmi Devi. It is believed that on this day Lakshmi Devi comes to the home of her devotees. Actually, another name for Diwali is Lakshmi Puja.

Marwaris attach great importance to Lakshmi Puja on this day. Even his new year begins with Diwali.

On Diwali, everyone wakes up early and bathes again and wears new clothes. Spends your day with delicious sweets. At home, small people worship Lakshmi with great reverence. Lamps burn in the sun and firecrackers are also boiled. The dark night of Amavas sparkles with a lamp-lit on Diwali, Diwali fireworks reduce the winter chill and kill insects born at that time.

The noise of firecrackers decreases when Diwali night is formed. The children sleep in their bed, wrapped in the happiness of Diwali till next year. happy Diwali images wallpapers

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happy Diwali wishes images free download